History and Growth of the UFC


So Iv’e been into the UFC for about three years now. I enjoy Mixed Martial Arts because I don’t believe there is anything else like it. At first, watching the UFC was just a hobby, however as the years have gone by it has become my own addiction. I study it, I read about it, I watch it, and now I want to write and report on it. A huge reason why I chose to go into the journalism field was because I am constantly dissatisfied with the current standard of MMA Journalism. A lot of reporters and journalists are scared to report on the tough issues because of the lack of cooperation between the UFC’s correspondents and the media outlets. In my opinion this needs to change in order for the viewers and fans to get better stories. After all, the UFC is the world’s fastest growing sport. Here is a video that shows how the UFC is one of the only sports still growing at an amazingly fast rate.

My current favorite reporter/journalist and inspiration in the UFC is Ariel Helwani. In my opinion he is the only reporter that is not afraid to do the trench work that other reporters and journalists avoid. Ariel currently reports for SB Nation, which is in my opinion is the best UFC blog and news reporting website on the internet. The site features everything from a podcast to news articles, videos, upcoming schedule, and even a place to buy tickets for upcoming events. Here is a video about how Ariel Helwani was kicked out by UFC boss Dana White and the Ferttita brothers at UFC 199 for literally doing his job and reporting news.


Another person that I want to mention for aiding the growth of the sport, whom I didn’t get a chance to mention in my timeline, is Conor McGregor. His role in the growth of the UFC is unmatched. From his dominant performances in the octagon to his outrageous press conference highlights, he is without a doubt the biggest star in the sport. If you want to thank someone as to why fighters are just now starting to get paid more, thank McGregor. The UFC needs to work with this sort of athlete to help the sport grow, but they also need to breed more athletes to be more like McGregor. Below is a short fan-made video documentary on Conor McGregor that shows his rise to prminence and fame, and the impact he has made on the sport.





Another site that I find has a lot of good content is Reddit. The thread forum website is great for lots of discussion and news. The subreddit has almost 50,000 subscribers, making it one of the top 40 subreddits on the site. If you are interested in the UFC, I strongly recommend the UFC subreddit. It has lots of great threads which have strongly opinionated fans of the sport participating. This is huge for the UFC in measuring how many fans are talking about it, and what they are interested in seeing for the promotions future.

I believe that the two things that can help the UFC expand and grow even further are the superstars and journalists in the industry. As you can see from the reaction that the sports world had when Ariel Helwani was banned, and the impact that the superstars have, media outlets want to cover the UFC. In order for the UFC to continue to prosper it needs to develop its relationships with the athletes as well as the reporters/journalists.

By: Theodore Bodnar


Ariel Helwani picture: http://cdn1.thecomeback.com/

Conor McGreogr picture: http://www.thesun.co.uk

Ariel Helwani Youtube video: Channel Name: MMA Tonight

Conor McGregor Youtube Video: Channel Name: Hizzer Edits

UFC MMA Fastet Growing Sport In the World: Channel Name: Adisa Chris Thompson


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